About Us

Swift Houses Buyers is made up of a pool of Knowledgeable investors based in Ireland who are ready to make a cash offer on your House within 24 hours of Initial contact. We work with People on an individual basis who find them themselves in any of the below situations and we aim to find a tailor-made solution to fulfil there needs in the time frame they require.

  1. Accidental Landlord – This term is used in cases where an individual finds themselves in the position of a landlord who have no desire to be there

  2. Negative Equity – This is where the valve of the House you own is worth less than the mortgage secured on the Property. We can tailor a solution where you can walk away from the property within residual debt.

  3. Re –Locating Abroad – If you are looking to sell Fast to move abroad and don’t want to me held back by a long-drawn-out sale we can help.

  4. Financial Difficulties – Looking to sell off bad debt fast? We Can Help